We have to break this subject on this text, because we are talking about sodomy and anal sexes. What is said your anus when he had a big cock inside.

What about anus anatomy?

The anus is the exterior hole that we can shit on, it is a beautiful hale rider. If this practice makes you hurt then you can let it down. We can also talk about sodomy. For a little review, the sodomy etymology came from the bible. We all know this country was devastated by God, because they do love each other and an anal sex. On the Greek age, they made this kind of practice to communicate with the husband. The man had control to their wife, and she is his subject. That means that he is stronger, and the others are his students. The anilos is a practice of homosexuality, so it is a sexual practice between two mans or two girls. They fuck you as they like it to be and the guy like this position.

The sodomy practices

On French country, the sodomy is authorized, but there are many countries that doesn’t accept this practice at all. The sexes practice evaluates, and the practice is in a barbarian vision. Everyone can have a sex with anyone, and it is not so nice that it is the reality. The anus is a sensible zone, that’s why we need someone that had an experience to do anal sexes with us. When you got it, you really have another sensation but you might go slowly to not traumatize his partner. On this practice, the woman must be stimulated. The clitoris careless is a great way to get a woman in needed. With a minimum of training, and some precautions by using some lubricant product for example.

Everything goes well! As for the purely pleasure that you get or that sensations that you felt during this act.